An Artist’s Statement

Having loved nature as a child, my fascination has never waned. It seems only natural that as I became interested in studio art glass, I would first turn to my lily pond for inspiration. Horticulture and water gardening have been life-long hobbies.

My fascination with creating glass art that reflects nature complements my personality. My professional life requires attention to precise detail, timing and sequential planning. Likewise, Cast glass demands the birth of an idea, enhanced by creative planning and strategic implementation. I love to think about the possibilities of a beautifully designed garden or new piece of glass. Like my garden, I plan and nurture an idea, then “plant” the glass in a mold I’ve made. I’m then rewarded with a beautiful new glass creation, like a flower blooming in my garden.

Since early in the Studio Art Glass movement, I’ve been an admirer of art glass and have collected many pieces of Blown, Cold Worked and Cast glass. I’m fascinated by art glass in all its forms, especially the magical interplay of light affecting glass. My interest led to participation in a 2012 series of classes at Corning Glass in New York. Now, lost wax glass casting is my artistic passion.

Currently, my glass art designs are reminiscent of my favorite water lily, the stunning Victoria Water Lilly. The leaf structure of the lilies is beautifully sculptural above and below the water surface. They have an incredibly intricate web of supporting veins that I have attempted to represent with my castings.

I find glass casting allows my imagination to soar with the unlimited possibilities and challenges in design. On the creative horizon, I foresee many other plant/nature-related designs. Eventually, I intend to explore glass art that mirrors my interest in antiquities and Tribal art.